Van Dave of High Hopes x Funny live for Sheryl of Golden Fall

We are so happy!!

Dave and Sheryl became partents for the first time of 5 boys and 5 girls. Sheryl done the birth very well and to turn out to be a great mum!
All puppies of this litter are taken.

HD A/A ED 0/0, eyes ok, Gonio free, ICT (Ichthyose): free
Bodyshape: excellent

Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine
OCD-frei, HD A/A, ED 0/0 HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2012

Ramchaine Snap to Jako's
Lochtaymor King of Diamonds
Remington Requisite of Ramchaine
Rossmix Sunshine in the Rain
SE-Champion, NO-Champion
Stanroph Say Hi To Rossmix
Rossmix Too Late
Betty Boop of High Hopes
HD B/B, ED 0/0
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2012
Rayleas Mister Cooper
HD 3:5 (BVA)
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2007
Lovehayne Quentin
Rayleas Treacle Tart
Tzara du Domaine du Vexin
of High Hopes
HD B/B, ED 0/0
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2007

Trewater Trailblazer
HD A2, ED 0 HC-PRA/RD-neg. 99
Razel of High Hopes
HD A/B (BVA 3/3), ED 0/0
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2003
Trailer 2001

HD A/A ED 0/0
Augen ok, Gonio free, PRA 1/2 free through parents
Test of caracter existed with 98 of 99 points
Bodyshape: excellent

Kapplandet's Hudie Nan Er
HD B/B ED 0/0

Glenrioch Li Wu Kapplandet
Stanroph So What Will Be
Glenrioch Goosebumps
Gildas Butterfly Kisses Combine Hennessy
Gildas Sky Is The Limit
Only you Joya of Golden Fall
HD B/B ED 0/0
Augen OK
Taram Du Bois de la Rayère
HD A/A ED 0/0
Augen OK
Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Alibren mon Cheri avec Stanroph
HD 5/5
Irresitible Cora of Golden Fall
HD A/A ED 0/0
Augen OK

Xanthos Just in Time
HD A/B ED 0/0
Harmonie-Halina vom Schwandedörfli
HD B/B ED 0/0

Second until third week
Finally again a few pics of the puppies from Sheryl and Dave. They grow super and the puppy box of them is also open. The had the first meal and it was naturally a battlefield. But Sheryl loves to clean all. We worm the puppies for the first time and trimed one's nails... The time goes very fast...

4 weeks old
The puppies of Sheryl and Dave make great progress, but the preoccupation is still to play and sleep. Now, there were dewormed for the second time, we trimmed one's nails and in one or two days, they will go in the open-air enclosure... if the weather will be little warmer!

5,5 weeks old
Now are the puppies of Sheryl and Dave very active and they be comfortable outside with this great weather. All are fine and love the solid food. Sheryl has still a lot of milk...

Miss white

Grandma Kim by her favorite pastime

Now it's time to say goodbye to the puppies of Sheryl x Dave...
It was a very very nice time with the little rascals and their owner, they' were a help for me in the last week.
The Joya x Fiston puppies are away for fast two weeks.
I wish to you all many many beautiful years with your new familymember. Thank you all from the Golden Fall Team!