Responsibitity as a breeder
My goal as a breeder is to breed healthy, beautiful Golden Retrievers with good personalities. No good stud dog is ever to far away. I take the trouble to study the pedigrees and to find out about the offspring as fas as possible.

I breed with a Swiss Kennel Club pedigree and the name of my kennels is prodectec by the International
Canine Federation and I am as well an active member of the Swiss Retriever Club. Besides I've got at the 4th march 2009 the Breeder's Certificate from RCS. If you are interested, have a look at the SRC hompage.

My clue for you: Eyes up, with the dog purchase!

Our bitches give birth at home in familiar surroundings and the pups can stay there for 3–5 weeks depending on the season. Afterwards it's into the garden that we habe turned into an adventure playground with many acoustic and visual toys and they have access to our house where there is always something interesting to see an hear. After the first vaccination at 8 weeks it's off on the first car trip usually with a short walk in the woods with the puppies' future owners.

As we live on a very lively farm there is always something new to discover and at the same time they learn to get used to the leash.

Their future home is very carefully selected; I do not give them away if they are to live in a kennel, for the Golden relates well to people and likes to be around them. A puppy playgroup and afterwards a training course for young dogs are a must and a great help for first-time owners. There are often questions and one gets to know a lot of nice people to share experiences with.

The puppies are vaccinated, wormed 4–5 times and micro chipped before they leave my kennels. The new owners also receive a dossier with a feeding plan, advice for the first year, good addresses for puppy play areas, training courses, tips about books and with every owner I make a SCC contract.

I am there for you for the lifetime of your dog, and even occasionally take in the dogs I have bred as holiday guests.