How I got to the golden Retriever?

It was love at first sight. When my boyfriend (now my husband) and I decided to buy a dog, only one came into question. Peter was crazy about the yellow dog that he had often seen in England, but I knew nothing of the race he was talking about back in 1976. I knew all the Swiss races, poodle, sheepdog, setter and cocker spaniel - those were then in fashion. So I bought a book about dog breeds and there we found the Golden Retriever. But at that time there were only a few breeders in Switzerland. The Swiss Canine Society gave me the names of Herr Lüthi in Münsingen and Herr Scheidegger in Schönbühl. The latter had just had a litter and there was still a bitch to be had. And that is how we got our Olivia von der Etzmatt. She was not the most beautiful, but what a personality, and she accompanied us and our three children for almost 12 years. She was a wonderful family dog and when we had to let her go because of a tumour we all agreed we had to have another Golden. But this time Peter wandet a male. We soon found one, as the retriever had become popular in Switzerland and there were more breeders. We liked Christiane Sonnay from the High Hopes Kennels, Lausanne and as we already had had a Golden we were given first choice and so Harvey of High Hopes came to us. Christiane encouraged me to exhibit this great dog and he was third in his class at that time in Dagmarsellen. It really got me and from then on I was always seen at exhibitions and Harvey was almost always classified and I knew that one day I would start breeding but only when my children were older and more sensible. I also became a member of the Breeders Commitee.
Harvey was also successful in the categories BH and First Aid. Soon came our Queeny of High Hopes to us. She was born on 9. 11. 94 on a beautiful golden autumn day - therefore the name of Golden Fall for my kennels, for it was with Queeny I first started breeding. She gave me three fantastic litters from which we kept Lara and soon afterward I selected Xanthos Ruby Murray (Chelsea) and a year later Xanthos Just-in-Time (Justin) cate to us. Harvey died after accompanying us everywhere for almost 10 years. And Queeny too after only 7 years. We miss her greatly for she was in her special way in charge of the pack. She lives on in our Lara.

Now I hope that you have enjoyed having a look at our homepage.

Yours sincerely

Rita Rohrbach