Olivia von der Etzmatt, call name: Livia

Livia was our first Golden, born in Okobre 1976. She was a Westley/Camrose combination, a verry old pedegree. Livia was a super family dog and lived together with my 3 kids. She was the reason for our enthusiasm for this wonderfull breed. She left us with 11 1/2 years..

Harvey of High Hopes, call name: Harvey

Harvey was our first boy. Beatifull and verry soft, had a excellent carracter and with him I made my first experience in Dog-Show's. He was verry succesfull, allways 1. or 2. places. With him I was working in Obidience and as a sanitary-dog. He left us with allmost 13 years, we mist him a lot.

Queeny of High Hopes, call name: Queeny

Queeny, of course also from the same Kennel as Harvey came.With Queeny we had a wonderfull bitch, she gave us 3 super litters and from the last we kept Lara out of Lorinford Otto. Queeny was a verry good trailer in France and her kids was verry succssfull in working. We still miss her verry mutch .Thak you Christiane Sonnay to have Harvey and Queeny.

Xanthos Ruby Murray, call name: Chelsea

Chelsea was my dream bitch and I thank Heather Morss to trust me and gave her to me. She had three lovely litter, as we kept Lance. She is in four generations. Chelsea, you're always in my mind.

Ritzlyn Cockney Robin

Amirene King Eider of Davern
Nortonwood Checkmate
Stalyhills Miss Avenger of Amirene
Ritzlyn Tickled Pink Ritzlyn Jefferson
Rossford Dolly Mixture of Ritzlyn
Xanthos Rahnee Kerrien Churchill of Sansue Sansue Golden Ruler
Kerrien c'est la vie
Glenmoray Samskara Xanthos Indigo
Glenmoray Francesca

Xanthos Just in Time, call name: Justin

Date of birth: 17. 6. 99
HD A/B ED 0/0, Eyes check: 7.6. 2009

Breed grant given: 24.11.00
Breed value: HD 91 ED 98 Eyes 92 (20. 07. 2006)
Test of caracter: Friendly dog, in all situations surely, leader-referred.
Judge: Wild Rosemarie
Report of judge: excellent; judge: Flügel, Fredi

Xanthos Black Thorn

Raincourt Son of a Gun
JW 1CC 1tres CC
Rainscourt Fall Guy
Rainscourt Ice Maiden
Xanthos Orange Blossom
1CC & 1tres CC
Ritzilyn Cockney Robin
Xanthos out of the Blue
Xanthos to be Sure Papeta Philosopher
CH and Irisch CH.
Sansue Golden Ruler
Westley Sophia of Papeta
Glenmoray Samskara Xanthos Indigo
Glenmoray Francesca

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Enjoy your Lance of Golden Motions, call name: Lance

Date of birth: 30. 11. 01
HD A/A ED 0/0, Eyes: in septemer 2008

Lance is TOP PUPPY 2002 of switzerland
Lance is BEST STUD DOG 2004

Breed value: May 2006, HD 87 ED 99 Eyes 92
Test of caracter: existed with 95 points
Strong male, shore on him self, has all the quality of a Retriever (Claude Chenaux)

Lorinford Harlequin
HD B/B ED 0/0

Lorinford Lancelot
HD BVA 4/4
Nortonwood Checkmate
Lorinford Playgirl
Lorinford Lovestory
HD BVA 6/3
Chevanne Free'n Easy for Lorinford
Lorinford Daydreamer
Xanthos Ruby Murray
BVA 3:6 ED 0/0
Ritzlyn Cockney Robin
Amirene King Eider of Davern
Ritzlyn Tickled Pink
Xanthos Rahnee Kerrien Churchill of Sansue
Glenmoray Samskara

Show results
> Puppy + Veteran Show, 5.5.02, 2. vp
> La Romandie, 29.9.02, 1. Exc., Best Junior
> Animalia, 20.10.02, 2. Exc
> Wettingen, 8.12.02, 3. Exc.
> RCS Langenthal, 30.3.03, 2. Exc.
> Montricher, 4.5.03, 1. Exc.
> Moudon, 6.6.03, Exc. 3. Platz
> IHA Luzern, 21.6.03, 4. Exc.
> IHA Luzern, 22.6.03, 4. Exc.
> Arbedo, 24. 8.03, 4. Exc.
> Animalia, 19.10.03, 4. Exc.
> Wettingen, 7.12.03, Exc.
> Herrenberg D, 31.1.04, Exc.
> Animalia St.Gallen, 15.5.04, 3. Exc.
> La Romandie, 20.6.04, 2. Exc.
> Animalia Lausanne, 17.10. 04, 4. Exc.
> Animalia Fribourg, 12./13.2.05, 4. Exc.
> Avenches, 25.9.05, 3. Exc.

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Charming Girl Lara of Golden Fall, name: Lara

7. 5. 2000 – 19. 2. 2014

HD B/B ED 0/0, Eyes: ok, check 08.08.02

Breed grant given: 04.10.01
Test of caracter: existed, Bravo! A dog with all qualities of a good Retrievers. Super nose work!
Judge: Chenaux, Claude (Yverdon, 23.09.01)
Report of judge: excellent; Judge: Banbery, Valerie

Lorinford Otto
HD 5/5 = 10 BVA London,
Lorinford Gild Edged Sky Master of Jamescroft
Gillbryan Tarantella of Lorinford
Lorinford Anastasia Lorinford Lancelot
Rosiante Ragamuffin of Lorinford
Queeny of High Hopes
HD B ED 0/1
Sherida Viceroy
Sherida Sirdar
Sherida Sayida
Nimblemoss of High Hopes
Amirene Intrepid
Trialer, CH francais travail CH., INT.CH., F-CH., CH-CH.
Ivory of High Hopes

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Motions for Ivy of Golden Fall, name: Ivy

29.3.2006 – 5.8.2015

HD B/B ED 0/0, eyes: ok, 16.4.07

Test of caracter: existed (85 P.)
Beautifull baby, sweet feminine heaed with nice dark eye and dark pigmentation. Super reach of neck good straight front, level topline with correct tail-set. Well rear quaters with super movement.
The judge would like to take her home. (Judge: Mr. Roy Maynard (GB), Mendrisio Retriever Show 27.8.06)
Dog-owner-brevet: existed with uppermost points

Xanthos Gryffindor
HD B/B ED 0/0
2006 D-CH.
Ritzilyn Brandon
HD 5:4
Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
HIPS 4:4
Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny
4:5 SH-CH.
Xanthos Purple Patch
HD 5:4 ED free
Rainscourt Son of a Gun
Xanthos Orange Blossom
HIPS 4:8
Ganwales Duchess Claire of Golden Fall
HD A/A ED 0/0
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 3.06.2005
Enjoy your Lance of Golden Fall
HD A/A, ED 0/0,
HC/PRA/RD-neg. 2005, WT-RCS
Lorinford Harlequin
HD b/b, ED 0/0, Int.-CH, FIN-CH
Xanthos Ruby Murray
6:3, ED 0/0
Ganwales All Like An Angel
HD A, ED-frei, OCD-frei,
HC/PRA/RD-Gonio-neg. 2003,
A-Jgd.-CH, WT, BgH1, RBP-2
Moorfield Morning Archibald
HD A/A, ED 0/0, Ö-Bundessieger
Trewater by Sunrise
HD A/A, ED 0/0, Ö-JCH

Show results
> La Sarraz, 16.7.06, vv.1.Platz BOS and Best Puppy in Show, judge: Mrs. Lynn Anderson
> Cani Bulle vp.1. Platz, best Puppy und Puppy in Show, judge: F.Flügel und L.Pichard BPIS
> RCS-Show, Avenches, 10.9.06, vp 1. Best female puppy, best puppy, best puppy in show, judge: Mrs. Sue Almey
> Animalia Lausanne, 14.10.06, 1.Platz, very promissing
> Animalia Lausanne, 15.10.06, 1.Platz, very promissing, best Puppy of breed
> CHRISTMAS-SHOW RCS Aargau, Wettingen, 4.12.06, Jüngstenklasse, 1. VP
> IHA Fribourg, 10. 2. 07, 2. EXC. RES.CAC, judge: Mr. R. Sillence (GB)
> IHA Fribourg, 11. 2. 07, SG, Jugendklasse, judge: E. Nielsen
> Animalia St. Gallen, 12. 5. 07, 3. sg, judge: Mrs. S. Jarmer, Austria
> Animalia St. Gallen, 13. 5. 07, 3. sg, judge: Mrs. F. Marshall, GB

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Schw.Sh.CH.Dunehills Miss Jamie for Golden Fall, name: Jamie

Date of birth: 2. 04. 05
HD B/B ED 0/0, eyes: PRA 1/2 clear

Test of caracter: existed, 96 Points
Sehr attraktive 12 Monate alte Hündin, ausgestellt in hervorragender Kondition, gut geschnittener Hals, gute Schulter, sehr gute Entwicklung für ihr Alter, korrekter Knochenbau, sehr aufgestellte Hündin, läuft und präsentiert sich gut, liebes Wesen, gut vorgeführt. (Judge: Monsieur Pichard)

Report of judge: excellent

Jamie is TOP PUPPY 2006!
Jamie is SWISS CHAMPION 2007!
Jamie is TOP BITCH 2007 and TOP WINNER 2007!

Stanroph Squadron Leader
Hips 3:3

Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
HIPS 6-5
Amberland Ski Hi
HIPS 4-4
Steval Latest Edition
HIPS 3:3
Stanroph Shere Fantasy
HIPS 5-5
Rossbourne Trooper
HIPS 3:3
Stanroph Silent Tears
KCJW, TOP BR.B. 95-00
HIPS 6:7
Daily Rays Midnight Queen
Hips A:A
Lorinford Harlequin
Lorinford Lancelot
HIPS 4/4
Lorinford Lovestory
HIPS 6:3
Lorinford Hesperides
Fairfield Fishers Wish in Narsid
Lorinford Toffee-Nosed

Show results
> Moudon, 3.7.05: 1. vp, Best Puppy and Best Puppy of Breed
> Retriever-Show, Mendrisio: 4. vp > Avenches, 25.9.05, 1. vp, Best Golden Baby
> Animalia Lausanne, 23.10.05, 1. vp, Best Puppy
> Weihnachtsausstellung, Wettingen, 4.12.05: vp, 2. place
> Clubshow Luzern, 9.4.06, Excellent, judge: Monsieur Pichard
> Puppy und Veteranen Show Montricher, 7.5.06, v.1 Best Junior Bitch-Best Junior of Breed, judge: Mrs.Sally Gray
> Animalia St.Gallen, 20.5.06, v.1 Jugend CAC, judge: Mr. de Cuyper
> Animalia, 21.5.06, v.4, judge: Mrs.Baldwin
> Bulle, 4.7.06, Best Junior and Best Junior in Show
> Journé Familiale La Sarraz, 16.7.06, 1. Exc.
> RCS-Show Avenches, 10.9.06, v.2 Res.CAC
> Animalia Lausanne, 14.10.06, Exc., 1. CAC and RES. CACIB
> Animalia Lausanne, 15.10.06, Exc., 2. Res.CAC
> CHRISTMAS-SHOW RCS Aargau, Wettingen, 4.12.06, 2. Exc., Res.CAC
> IHA Fribourg, 10. 2. 07, 1. EXC. CAC/CACIB
> IHA Fribourg, 11. 2. 07, 2. EXC. RES.CAC
> Animalia St. Gallen, 12. 5. 07, 1. Exc. CAC/CACIB, judge: Frau S. Jarmer, Austria
> Animalia St. Gallen, 13. 5. 07, 2. Exc. Res. CAC/CACIB, judge: Mrs. F. Marshall, GB
> National Lémanique, Avenches, 24. 9. 07, V 1, CAC BOB and BIS, judge: Mrs.Sue Towers (GB)
> Animalia Lausanne, 20. 10. 07, exc. 2. place, Res. CAC, judge: Mr. Hancock
> Animalia Lausanne, 21. 10. 07, exc. 1. place CAC / Res.CACIB, judge: Mr. Marc Vallois
> RCS-Chrismasshow in Wettingen 7.12.08, exc. 2. place Res. CAC, G. Hennessy (Ritzilyn)
> RCS-Chrismasshow in Wettingen, 7.12.09, Exc.2.Res.CAC, judge Mrs. F.Thurm GB
> RCS Club-Show, Burgdorf, 12.4.10, Champion Klasse, CAC, judge Margret Woods (Amirene)
> La National de Lémanique, 1.5.11, Champion Class, Exc.2. Res.CAC, judge Beatrix Märki-Casanova
> Retriever Show der Groupe Romand, Montricher, 28. 4. 2013, Exc.1. Veter.CAC, judge Diana Leigh (IRL)
> RCS Club-Show Burgdorf, 03.06.13, veteran class, Exc.3., judge Isobel Cuthill
> Retriever-Show in Versoix, 01.09.13, 1. Exc. Veter.CAC and Best Veteran of Breed, judge Anne Woodcock (Stanroph)
> IHA Kreuzlingen, 16.5.2015, Veteran Class, 1.Exc.ohne CAC, Richterin Lilian Jonsson

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Ganwales Duchesse Claire of Golden Fall, name Kim

Date of birth: 13. 05. 04
HD A/A ED 0/0 Eyes: ok, check 3. 6. 05

Kim is TOP BREED BITCH 2010 !!

Test of caracter: existed
Breed value: October 2005, HD 78 ED 95 Eyes 93

Enjoy your Lance of Golden Fall
HD A/A ED 0/0 Eyes OK

Lorinford Harlequin
HD B/B ED 0/0
Lorinford Lancelot
HD BVA 4/4
Lorinford Lovestory
HD BVA 6/3
Xanthos Ruby Murray
BVA 3:6 ED 0/0
Ritzlyn Cockney Robin
Xanthos Rahnee
Ganwales all like an Angel
HD A/A ED 0/0 Eyes OK
Moorfield Morning Archibald
HD A/A ED 0/0 Eyes OK
Ritzlyn Man about Town
Trewater Trouvaille
Trewater by Sunrise
HD A/A ED 0/0
Golmas Governor
Trewater Goodwill Gossip

Show results
> Journée Familiale, 19.9.04, 4.vp
> Weihnachtsausstellung Wettingen, 5.12.04, v.v.
> Animalia Fribourg, 12./13. Februar 2005, vp
> St. Gallen, 22.5.05, excellent
> Moudon, 3.7.05, excellent
> Retriever-Show, Mendrisio, 2. Exc.
> Avenches, 25.9.05, 2. Exc.
> Animalia Lausanne, 23.10.05, Exc.
> Weihnachtsausstellung, Wettingen, 4.12.05: sg

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